Trading Technology and FIX Consultancy

Providing several key benefits for traders, investors and financial institutions, Recogitate’s revolutionary trading technology perfects your proficiency. Our range of reliable tools, Fin-Tech know-how, superior software and attested functionalities eliminate the need for intermediaries or manual processes and provide exceptional value.

With an expert team primed and available to advise, develop and deploy the right trading technologies to meet your needs, Recogitate can also upgrade your current trading platforms. This is alongside integrating DMA or algorithms and offering Financial Information Exchange (FIX) consultancy services.

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Trading Technology

Recogitate trading technology empowers and enhances your decision making processes, improves productivity and facilitates seamless and efficient trading operations.

  • Efficiently analyse market data and monitor market trends
  • Portfolio management tools with superior monitoring and alerts
  • Seamless trading with improved trader discretion
  • Achieve better execution through reduced latency to market
  • Eliminate laborious manual analyses, cost savings and increased profitability
  • User-friendly technologies with training, maintenance and ongoing support

FIX Consultancy

The effectiveness of FIX only relies on the expertise of its implementers. Recogitate’s FIX Consultancy plays a vitally supportive role in your trading architecture.

  • Optimise connectivity and ensure your communications align with your trading architecture.
  • Prevent system failure and avoid potentially catastrophic issues
  • Ensure peak performance and efficient and effective use
  • Support and maintain all aspects of trading automation
  • Improve informed decision-making while upholding exchange integrity
  • Cost-effective, valuable and reliable support

Our Approach

Client Testimonial

“We engaged Elvin and the team at Recogitate to assist us in resolving a tricky issue that we were experiencing with our internally developed FIX engine. The Recogitate team quickly identified the underlying issue and resolved the problem expeditiously and professionally.”

Rowan Williams, CIO, Nitrogen Fund Managers
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