LinkedIn Automation

With a projected user base growth of 177.25 million by 2028, LinkedIn is the primary platform for professional networking and career advancement. Although, manually searching for and engaging with potential prospects among a vast target audience can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Fortunately, there is a solution! Recogitate provides comprehensive and affordable LinkedIn automation tools to make your efforts far more effective, efficient and manageable. Our expert team oversees all technical aspects on your behalf, remotely operating sophisticated algorithms within acceptable thresholds.

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LinkedIn Automation Prospecting Tools

Streamlining activities on your behalf, including connection requests, simplifying InMail, monitoring profile visits and data extraction, we also provide weekly dashboards and real-time Google Sheets to detail every activity on your LinkedIn account.

Using a targeted approach, our tools search and filter leads based on your specific criteria, so you can quickly identify unqualified leads and focus on those that are more likely to convert. Exploiting your potential to engage with global prospects, we enable you to expand your reach and tap into new markets

Benefits of LinkedIn Automation

Recogitate streamlines and simplifies your approach so you can facilitate your outreach efforts, even as you sleep.

  • Save time, improve productivity and eliminate manual effort
  • Simplify your sales cycle and improve lead quality
  • Higher conversion rates and revenue growth
  • Engage with a large number of prospects in a shorter period
  • Budget-friendly, cost-effective, valuable and reliable

Our Approach

Client Testimonial

Nervous about automating LinkedIn outreach due to the risk involved, Recogitate addressed concerns by demonstrating close attention to detail. CKG’s first campaign was very successful and within just three weeks yielded a sale and several hot leads which have a high chance of conversion.

Cat Knell Gerace, CKG Marketing
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