Data Visualisation

Whether you’re looking to monitor key performance metrics, identify trends or make predictions, our affordable and user-friendly data dashboards simplify datasets and present them in an easy-to-understand visual format.

Rebranding this software as your own and embedding it into your website, Recogitate helps you grasp patterns, trends and relationships within your data more effectively than raw numbers or textual descriptions.

Making complex data accessible and actionable, our powerful and secure intelligence sheets help you summarise and communicate complex data insights to drive business growth.

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Data Dashboards

Supporting analysts, executives and organisations across the globe, we use Tableau Software to transform the way you use your data. Furthermore, Recogitate ensures your objectives are well-defined by establishing the information your data dashboard needs to encompass and how you want to display this effectively to support your goals.

Moreover, we understand that users have varying degrees of knowledge, familiarity and confidence. As such, our training and support will ensure you make the most of your dashboards and enjoy the optimal insight you need for smarter decision-making.

Benefits of Data Visualisation

Recogitate helps you leverage real-time data in the right format to drive business growth and optimise your operations

  • Save time, improve productivity and eliminate manual effort
  • Simplify your sales cycle and improve lead quality
  • Higher conversion rates and revenue growth
  • Engage with a large number of prospects in a shorter period
  • Budget-friendly, cost-effective, valuable and reliable

Our Approach

Client Testimonial

“As a marketing company, Recogitate’s data visualisation service has been a game-changer. The level of customisation has allowed me to tailor my data visualisation to each client’s specific needs, making it an invaluable asset in my marketing toolkit. I can’t recommend Recogitate highly enough”

Tara Denholm-Smith, Composing Copy LLP
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