Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business

Commonly found and used in households and businesses throughout the world, artificial intelligence is rapidly emerging as a transformative disruptor in the business landscape. Our unparalleled and groundbreaking AI chatbot software will revolutionise your business across a range of applications. Leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and algorithms to continuously improve understanding and responses, AI chatbots simulate human-like conversations and integrate with custom software to nurture and convert your prospects. This is alongside handling vast numbers of round-the-clock enquiries with multilingual support to provide exceptional customer service. Fully customisable, seamlessly integrable and designed to effortlessly accomplish your specific needs, Recogitate AI chatbot software propels your profit, productivity and power.

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AI Chatbot Development

We use OpenAI and training software to ensure your chatbot comprehends complex queries, learns from and improves upon past interactions, automates repetitive tasks and frees up your human resources for more creative work. Recogitate’s astonishing autonomous technology means your CRM will automatically capture specific and relevant chat log data. Moreover, we even provide a daily chat log summary direct to your inbox, so you can bid farewell to prolonged manual processing and effortlessly evaluate client engagement to determine any follow-up. Using your own brand identity and surpassing human response speed, our custom software house will shape your AI chatbot technology to meet your exact needs and specific objectives.

Benefits of AI for Business

World-class software requires world-class developers, which is why our meticulous craftsmanship is key to improving your product and managing your strategy.

  • Fully customisable, cutting-edge, breakthrough technology
  • Reduce labour costs, streamline and optimise your processes
  • Improve your productivity and accelerate the speed of doing business
  • Drive customer satisfaction, positive experiences and loyalty
  • Real-time, 24/7 engagement: ideal for different time zones/after-hours interactions

Our Approach

Client Testimonial

“Recogitate avoid talking in riddles, they have a practical commercial application to possibilities and a super-fast response and turnaround time. Recogitate is where great ideas go to be born, develop and flourish.”

Doug Tucker, Forensic Finance
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