December 2023

  • Benefits of using custom software for property maintenance       

    Tackling Maintenance Challenges in Property Management Introducing Estate Fault & Fix Dealing with property maintenance issues can be a daunting task. Property companies and managers often face severe hurdles in efficiently reporting and addressing these concerns. That’s where Estate Fault & Fix comes in – a pioneering building maintenance software that will transform how you […]

    Elvin Mootoosamy December 21, 2023
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  • LinkedIn Automation for Recruitment – Exploring the Benefits and Risks

    The field of talent acquisition is currently more competitive than ever before. The consequence of this fast-evolving landscape is that recruiters must constantly evaluate their strategies. They are continually seeking innovative approaches to streamline the processes that will help them to identify top-tier candidates. LinkedIn is, as always, a vital recruitment tool. With the advent […]

    Elvin Mootoosamy December 8, 2023
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