June 2023

  • AI: The Apocalypse or a Brave New World?

    The Wheel – 3,000 BC The steam engine – 1712 Manned flight – 1903 The PC – 1975 AI (widely available) – 2022 OK, we can argue about the precise dates. But what is indisputable is that only the last of these has generated such fierce debate about its likely consequences. In this blog, we’ll […]

    Elvin Mootoosamy June 26, 2023
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  • Are your processes as smart as they can be?

    How efficient are your business processes? Do you find yourself and your people are spending way too much time managing your operations manually? Or maybe you’re working in a hybrid way – stuck between two stools – trying to navigate your way among your old ‘legacy’ manual processes and new off-the-peg software systems. However you […]

    Elvin Mootoosamy June 7, 2023
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