November 2022

  • FIX Consulting – Why every trader and broker needs a health-check

    FIX is the acronym for Financial Information Exchange. It’s the protocol used to communicate financial data – specifically for electronic trading or trading of stocks/securities. The FIX Protocol is the electronic language used to transmit trades. Examples include – FIX is also used for – In short, almost every single kind of securities trading-related transaction […]

    Elvin Mootoosamy November 24, 2022
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  • Data or oil – which is the most valuable?

    The question isn’t new. As far back as 2006, UK Mathematician and developer of the groundbreaking Tesco’s Clubcard, Clive Humby declared, “Data is the new oil. It’s valuable but if unrefined it cannot really be used. Oil has to be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc. to create a valuable entity that drives profitable activity; […]

    Elvin Mootoosamy November 1, 2022
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